Spore Probiotics - The New Paradigm in Gut Restoration Therapy

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Spore Probiotics - The New Paradigm in Gut Restoration Therapy

FLORISH Spore Probiotic - The New Paradigm in Gut Restoration Therapy.

When we talk about the human gut as the centre of our immune system, we mean the collective synergy between our colon and the microbes (gut Flora) which inhabit it; a stupendous number of essential microbes working in synergistic harmony to keep us healthy. They dwell predominantly within their living environment of the colon (when talking about the gut specifically). The field of information is fascinating, and the truly groundbreaking studies on how important the gut is only began after the conclusion of the human genome project; the most expensive experiment in history; done to date. This experiment demonstrated that we are dependent on our microbes even for the DNA we share with them.
How so? Read on.

When the human genome project was concluded in 2013, the scientists involved are taken a betting pool to guess what the final outcome would be regarding how many pieces of DNA would make up the human genome. Estimations ran between 2 million and 5 million, so it was something of a shocker to find out that the human genome consisted of only 25,000 pieces of DNA information-less than an earthworm; and yet we were supposed to be at the apex of the evolutionary ladder.

 It was later established that we are not entirely individual, that we share DNA inextricably with the estimated 20,000+ species of microbes inhabiting our human bodies, and this shared DNA makes up to a more respectable 2 million+ pieces of genetic information. Yes we share genetic material that makes us human with our microbes-we are more a collective than an individual.

The point is, our microbes are an essential part of our being, we get the majority of our collective DNA from them and we cannot survive without them. They perform many irreplaceable tasks on our behalf, and outnumber our human body cells by at least 100 to 1.
We find them all over our bodies, on our skin, in our stomach and in the largest quantities in our gut. Unfortunately, it is only recent understanding of how important our microbes are, the discoveries made since the conclusion of the human genome project and the subsequent launch of the Human Microbiome Project (HMP) our understanding of the gut has moved forwards in leaps and bounds. It is only now are we even beginning to understand just how important these microbes; these germs are to our existence, our health and our well-being. 

“When we originally wrote this article it was estimated that there were 4,500 species of bacteria in the gut, but within a few short months it has now been established that there are in excess of 20,000; and the number is likely to increase.”

Just a few Fascinating Facts about Your Gut:

  • Your gut is not controlled by the brain, in fact the opposite appears to be the case, that the human gut is not only autonomous of the brain but has been demonstrated to influence the brain via the vagus nerve, creating or diminishing cravings, influencing moods, uplifts and depression revealed as a part of microbial influence as more and more research is done into the gut/brain connection. This is why a healthy gut is important for both mind and body.
  • There are more immune cells in your gut than in the rest of your body put together.
  • You have the equivalent amount of lymphatic cells in your gut that you do in your spleen.
  • All of your hormones are not only produced throughout your endocrine system, but are also produced in the gut. For example, thyroxin is produced in the thyroid and also in the gut.
  • Every chronic disease can be related to a dysfunction within the gut; this includes dementia, Parkinson’s, type II diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus and the list continues.

It is because our gut is under a multipronged and consistent assault from modern lifestyles and ignorance that we are seeing an explosion of inflammatory diseases, allergies and general microbiome dysfunction. A healthy gut provides for a healthy human; an unhealthy gut provides for an unhealthy human. We are going to dive into some bad news, but take heart there is good news to follow.

The Many Ways Your Gut Is Under Assault:

Unfortunately, we have (unwittingly) waged chemical and biological warfare against these all-important microbes, in our efforts to protect ourselves from the harmful ones, the pathogens. This includes the indiscriminate overuse of broad-spectrum antibiotics for almost every ailment, the use of antibiotics in beef and chicken (which we then eat), and our fixation with antibacterial soaps in a fear-based misconception that all germs are bad. Quite the opposite is true; the majority of microbes (germs) are really good for you and essential for your health. The attack list goes on to include fluoridated and chlorinated water, stress, medications, processed foods and refined sugars, EMFs (Wi-Fi), and pollution. Pollution in the form of heavy metals (atmospheric lead, aluminium, mercury) has wreaked havoc on our microbiome with disastrous results to our health. We can see the results of this in the explosion of food intolerances, autoimmune diseases, the inflammatory diseases-all of which can be brought back to the assault on gut health. 

And for South Africans the most insidious attack on our gut is the introduction of genetically modified foods treated with Roundup, of which glyphosate is an ingredient. It was claimed that glyphosate was not harmful to humans, but this is not true. Glyphosate interferes with the shikimate pathway of all microbes, destroying their metabolism and killing them. What could be possibly more harmful to humans than destroying the microbes in our gut, and by doing so damaging the centre of our immune system terribly? 93% of Americans are testing positive for glyphosate in their urine, and although there are no statistics for South Africans, we are likely not far behind if not ahead of these statistics, our farmers have fallen in love with GM modified crops and glyphosate. The farmers are treating many other non-GM modified crops with glyphosate as well, including fruits. And glyphosate is used extensively to dry out the grains such as wheat and corn. It has been postulated that chronic glyphosate poisoning is what produces coeliac disease, Crohn’s disease and a plethora of other gut health issues. All of us are now living in an environment which is toxic to our microbes, and so for all of us we now have to engage in supplementing and detoxifying simply to stay in optimal health.

Enter Spores and Spore Probiotics.

There is nothing more natural than supplementing with a spore probiotic, by swallowing spores. Spores are how our ancestors through the millennia to the dawn of time increased their microbial diversity of the human gut, (other than normal transfer of bacteria from mother to child during childbirth, and subsequently through breastfeeding.) Yes-it has been discovered that during breastfeeding dendrites within the mothers gut are transferring different microbes through the milk to the baby, and they change to suit the baby’s needs as it gets older-these are living bacteria; and clearly demonstrate intelligence. When it comes to spores, they are unaffected by stomach acids, and hatch into active microbes where they supposed to; within the colon. We used to get them in our vegetables and our fruits, but sadly our soils are become progressively sterilised by modern farming methods, and many of our foods are irradiated to keep them looking fresh when they’re on the shelves. For this reason and those mentioned above, spore supplementation has become vital. The advantage with FLORISH Spore Probiotic is in the huge volumes of spores that are included in every daily dose, numbering in excess of 4 billion. It was established that it takes volumes of this nature to make an appreciable difference to gut health. And 100% of what is in your daily dose survives the transition of the stomach to make it to your gut. And you can feel the effects from day one-a probiotic you can feel working!

The FLORISH Spore Probiotic Formulation.

Bacillus lichenformis
- Produces antibiotic bacitracin.
- Produces protease and improves protein digestion.
- Produces whole spectrum of B vitamins including folate (vitamin B9).

Bacillus indicus
Potent immune stimulation.
- Produces high levels of carotenoids – lycopene, axtaxanthin, beta-carotene, and lutein.
- Produces quinols and vitamins.- The most effective antioxidant probiotic.

Bacillus subtilis
- Produces over 12 affective antibiotics.
- Widely used, safe and highly effective.
- Produces nattokinase and vitamin K2.
- Highly important for immune development - GALT (gut associated lymphatic tissue).

Bacillus clausii
- Most widely used probiotic in the world.
- Potent immune stimulator.- Antibiotic resistant for use during antibiotic treatment.

Bacillus coagulans
Strongly studied with long history of use in;
-  IBS, Crohn’s ulcerative colitis.
- Produces L+ optical form of lactic acid.
- Potent immune stimulation.

(Note that naturally produced gut antibiotics target only pathogens and fungus’s-further protecting your health)

Only Five Species of Bacteria? How Can That Possibly Help When There Are an Estimated 20,000 + Species in My Gut?

First of all, go back and take a look at what these specific microbes do; it’s incredible! But to answer the question: The microbes within the gut are highly competitive, each one having its own particular turf as mentioned above.
However there appears to be an exception with these five bacillus bacteria. Because they progressively recondition the gut, improving gut the environment for all the species of beneficial bacteria, they are tolerated throughout the gut as essential. They even produce their own prebiotic’s (food for microbes) in glutamates and other prebiotic substances This enables the gut microbia to increase in diversity, the gut is regulated and overgrowths are eliminated, natural antibiotics are produced to wipe out fungal infections which compete and crowd out beneficial bacteria. These five species of bacilli bacteria are thus the regulators of the gut, having a profound effect on the health of the gut as a whole. Leaky gut issues diminish and disappear; food intolerances and allergies do likewise, simply because the gut is becoming progressively healthier; by virtue of the introduction of these vital gut healing bacteria. It has been established that microbial diversity is the key to a healthy gut, and healthy gut is the key to increased immune tolerance, which is the single governing factor determining how robust your health is or isn’t. A recent study demonstrated that ingesting this formula increases microbial diversity by a staggering 50% in only 27 days! You can further increase your microbial diversity whilst taking the spore probiotic, by shopping in different markets, by getting some vegetables from the Chinese market, eating some Vietnamese food on occasion, gently breaking out of your norm when it comes to groceries and what you eat.

Unfortunately, because the gut is under so much of a prolonged attack from many different sources, ongoing supplementation has become a necessity. We are now living in a toxic environment, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the human gut. We’ve got to love and nurture our microbes, our health and well-being depend on this.

I hope you found this article helpful and informative, please come back from time to time as articles are added, and let us know your experience of the FLORISH Spore Probiotic. One last note, the more compromised your gut is, the more pronounced your detox/reconditioning symptoms might be. Because many of us are unaware of just how much our guts have been compromised by our modern diet and lifestyle, I was advocated the safest way to test the water is 1 foot at a time! So start conservatively with half a capsule and work your way up to 2 capsules-the full adult dose. And persist through the first few days adjustment, see this as an act of love towards your life-sustaining microbes as your gut jumpstarts its journey to optimal health.

And finally, because spores are the natural way to go, FLORISH is highly beneficial for pregnant women as it raises immune tolerance and results in increased absorption of nutrients. It is also safe to use for breastfeeding moms.

Enjoy your journey,


(Updated 20 August 2019)