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Research Paper Link

Download the Research

Check out the LPS-ME Leaky Gut Research done by Dr F Kromhout.

FLORISH™️ Spore Probiotic with Fulvic Acid has been extensively tested and researched by a number of Doctors and Practitioners in South Africa and the peer reviewed papers are available in our research resources. Download the paper here.


From the first time I started to use FLORISH I could feel a difference. After three weeks my leaky gut issues seemed to be sorted out.


FULFIXER has helped my kids concentrate better at school and also given me the ability to focus more at work. I love how it makes me feel energetic and crystal clear.


I’ve been using the new FLORISH SPORE PROBIOCTIC for the past 14 days and I’ve had a huge improvement in my energy levels and concentration! The first few days I experienced some grumbling in my gut and also noticed a few new odours in the bathroom, but these soon passed and I began to feel my energy levels become sustainable allowing me to do more and stay going for much longer. Concentration levels also seemed much easier to manage. The next few days are going to be good too...


I’m almost done with my 1st bottle of FLORISH SPORE PROBIOTIC & have noticed that I have been “regular”, my complexion has improved & my appetite has been more stable - no more cravings. I have also noticed that my ability to focus has improved & the only change I have made is taking FLORISH. I will certainly continue using FLORISH with fulvic acid.


Thank you!

You’re product has been great help in my journey of trying to heal my gut!


Find out all you need to know

There has been volumes of research that has been done to better understand the connection between your gut-health and your diet and your mood.

Check out some of the research here.

Our Products available in good health stores across the country - Jackson's Real Food Market Kyalami

Find our product in good Health Stores

Find our FLORISH™️ Spore Probiotic with Fulvic Acid and FULFIXER™️ Fulvic Acid in fine health stores across South Africa.

This photo from Jackson's Real Food Market in Kyalami.

FLORISH™️ Spore Probiotics help you defend agains seasonal tummy bugs

We have seen a number of great reports recently where people who have been using FLORISH™️ Spore Probiotics at home where other family members have come down with the seasonal tummy bugs, and had no or very mild symptoms. FLORISH™️ Spore Probiotics with Fulvic Acid helps and supports your Gut-Biome to defend against seasonal viral attacks. Find out more.

FLORISH Spore Probiotic with Fulvic Acid packshot
FLORISH and FULFIXER combo shot

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