FLORISH Spore Probiotic with Fulvic Acid - 60 Capsules

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FLORISH Spore Probiotic with Fulvic Acid is The Gut Health Game Changer and is locally manufactured in South Africa and has been able to deliver amazing results and benefits for people of all ages.

FLORISH Spore Probiotic with Fulvic Acid combines the benefits of spore probiotics and fulvic acid, offering a revolutionary approach to restoring gut and overall health. This locally manufactured product in South Africa supports the entire gut, enhancing the environment for the 20,000+ bacteria species in our microbiome. In their spore form, these probiotics are viable through the stomach acid to germinate in the gut. Each daily dose of 2 capsules provides over 4 billion spores.


FLORISH Spore Probiotic with Fulvic Acid provides the following five key “reconditioning” strains of bacteria that help protect and recondition your gut flora:

Bacillus lichenformis
Produces antibiotic bacitracin
Produces protease and improves protein digestion
Produces the whole spectrum of B vitamins including folate (vitamin B9)

Bacillus indicus
Potent immune stimulation
Produces high levels of carotenoids – lycopene, axtaxanthin, beta-carotene, and lutein
Produces quinols and vitamins
The most effective antioxidant probiotic

Bacillus subtilis
Produces over 12 effective antibiotics
Widely used, safe and highly effective.
Produces nattokinase and vitamin K2
Highly important for immune development – GALT (gut-associated lymphatic tissue)

Bacillus clausii
The most widely used probiotic in the world
Potent immune stimulator
Antibiotic-resistant for use during antibiotic treatment

Bacillus coagulans
Strongly studied with a long history of use in:
IBS, Crohn’s ulcerative colitis
Produces L+ optical form of lactic acid
Potent immune stimulation.

(Note that naturally produced gut antibiotics target only pathogens and fungi’ further protecting your health)


  • Adults & children over 10 years:
    • Week 1: Start with 1 capsule every other day.
    • Week 2: Increase to 1 capsule daily.
    • Week 3: Full dose of 2 capsules per day.
  • Children 5 to 10 years:
    • Gradually increase to 1 capsule per day over three weeks.
  • Children 1-5 years:
    • Gradually increase to 1/2 capsule per day over three weeks.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women:
    • It is recommended and beneficial, but start slowly and increase dosage gradually to prevent detox symptoms.


FLORISH Spore Probiotic with Fulvic Acid includes five key bacterial strains to protect and recondition your gut flora:

  • Bacillus lichenformis: Produces antibiotic bacitracin, protease for protein digestion, and B vitamins.
  • Bacillus indicus: Immune stimulation, produces carotenoids and vitamins.
  • Bacillus subtilis: Produces antibiotics, nattokinase, and vitamin K2.
  • Bacillus clausii: Immune stimulator, antibiotic-resistant.
  • Bacillus coagulans: Effective for IBS, Crohn’s, and ulcerative colitis.


FLORISH Spore Probiotic with Fulvic Acid regulates and refurbishes the entire gut, addressing conditions like SIBO and leaky gut. It helps restore the gut microbiome quickly after antibiotic treatment. For complete gut health restoration, use FLORISH consistently for two to three months, then maintain optimal health with a maintenance dose.


  • Initial Adjustment Period: Mild digestive discomfort is normal as your gut flora adjusts. If discomfort persists, try taking the capsules in the evening or decrease the dosage.
  • Short-term Benefits: Improved digestion, nutrient absorption, and increased energy levels.
  • Long-term Benefits: Strengthened immune system and significantly improved gut health over two to three months.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Start with a lower dose and gradually increase. Adjust dosage based on individual response.
  • During illness or stress, increase the dosage for additional support.

Important Information:

  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians: FLORISH Spore Probiotic with Fulvic Acid contains no animal-derived ingredients.
  • No GMOs: The product is free from genetically modified organisms.
  • Gluten, Wheat, and Sugar-Free: Safe for individuals with dietary restrictions.
  • Suitable for Diabetics: Contains no sugar or ingredients that impact blood sugar levels.
  • Post-Antibiotic Use: FLORISH Spore Probiotic with Fulvic Acid should be taken 4 hours after any antibiotics.
  • Consult Your Doctor: Consult with your medical doctor before taking any new health and dietary supplements.

For more detailed information, please refer to the package insert.

Disclaimer: FLORISH Spore Probiotic Spore Probiotic with Fulvic Acid is a natural probiotic food supplement, therefore no medical claims are made or inferred, and no claims regarding ameliorating, curing or positively affecting any medical conditions, the above content provided for informational purposes based on information and studies undertaken by numerous progressive and leading probiotic manufacturers worldwide.

Download the Product Insert here.

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