Spore Based Probiotics and how it works in your body

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Spore Based Probiotics and how it works in your body

Sebastian Siebert chats a little more with us here about the way that Spore and Spore Probiotics work in our bodies.

Spore Probiotics (or what some call “soil-based probiotics”) are what everyone’s talking about overseas, and for good reason, because they are not your typical probiotic, they are something completely different — a paradigm shift, based on the latest research from the Human Microbiome Project — and superior in so many ways.

A lot of money and research has been done recently to better understand how our overall wellbeing and longevity is connected to our gut. So much of what we now know about our gut-head and gut-heart connections are being documented in all kinds of peer-reviewed papers that all end with the same conclusion: Our Gut Health is critical to overall health.

FLORISH Spore Probiotics with Fulvic Acid has been specifically formulated to contain the best strains of Bacillus bacteria to help restore gut-health completely. 

These 5 Key Bacillus spores have so many amazing characteristics and benefits, but let’s narrow it down to two key points:

1. The unique FLORISH Spore Probiotics formula supports the repair of "Leaky Gut" like nothing else

The breakdown of the gut lining is where the Bacillus strains begin to repair the damage in the gut. Where the gut lining is compromised, the most work is required and this takes some time to get back into a state of health.

These spores have been clinically proven (https://www.wjgnet.com/2150-5330/full/v8/i3/117.htm) to support the repair and healing of Leaky Gut — the spores in FLORISH Spore Probiotics reduce Leaky Gut by up to 60% in the first month. Leaky Gut Syndrome (now being called Metabolic Endotoxemia) is associated with a host of diseases and ailments, even autoimmune issues.

As FLORISH Spore Probiotics works to restore/refurbish/recondition the gut, and reduce levels of LPS toxins, it really is fundamentally healing in so many ways. As Hippocrates said thousands of years ago — health resides in the gut.

2. The unique FLORISH Spore Probiotics formula supports the optimum environment for ALL species of beneficial gut bacteria in the colon

These spores are the true definition of a pro-biotic — they promote and cultivate not only themselves, but all the other “good guys” — why it’s not necessary to have additional strains. Studies have shown that the spores in FLORISH Spore Probiotics have increased microbial diversity by 50%, again in just the first month of supplementation. And we know microbial diversity is a crucial element in robust health and immunity.

The 5 key strains of the Bacillus bacteria each focus on a special part of the gut, and together they are able to completely restore good gut-health to the entire gut. Not only where there may be specific breakdowns, but also where there are imbalances too.

The latest research is showing these spores are actually the “regulators/police” of the gut:

  • They have the ability to read the microbial environment of the gut (called “quorum sensing”), 
  • Detect the “bad guys” and kill them off with the natural/targeted antibiotics the spores produce,
  • Control overgrown bacteria (such as Candida) or misplaced bacteria (SIBO),
  • Nourish/build up the "good guys”,

all the while restoring and balancing the gut unique to the individual.

Supporting your gut microbiome though exercise and getting enough sleep helps, but to replenish the gut with good gut bacteria to ensure that all the balances and colonies in the gut work well together, you need to supplement your diet with good bacteria.
FLORISH Spore Probiotics with Fulvic Acid has been tested extensively across our network of Practitioners and Stockists and the results and feedback has been fantastic - fixing Leaky Gut Fast is one of those claims that has been proven time and time again.
FLORISH Spore Probiotics with Fulvic Acid can improve and assist you in your gut health restoration and will work alongside any other medications you may have for IBS or Leaky Gut.
Add FLORISH Spore Probiotics with Fulvic Acid to your diet and feel the results fast!