MEET THE 5 FLORISH™️ Bacillus Spores

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MEET THE 5 FLORISH™️ Bacillus Spores

One of the key differences when it comes to probiotics and FLORISH™ Spore Probiotic is that we use more than the typical two or maybe three strains of bacteria in the supplement. And that the probiotic bacteria has been encapsulated in their spore state which offers far better delivery right into the intestines without being damaged by the stomach acids.

FLORISH™️ Spore Probiotics with Fulvic Acid use 5 specific strains that work together to deliver some of the most amazing results, rapidly in your gut.

FLORISH™️ Spore Probiotics offers a unique combination of five Bacillus bacteria strains with Fulvic Acid.

This unique formulation effectively and progressively reconditions the entire gut, to provide the optimal environment for restoration of gut-microbial diversity, and your overall health and wellbeing. It helps to replenish your microbiome throughout your entire gut, and also get delivered without being damaged or compromised via your stomach.

Here they are...

  • Produces over twelve affective antibiotics
  • Widely used, safe, and highly effective
  • Produces Nattokinase and vitamin K2
  • Highly important for immune development: GALT (Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue)
Bacillus INDICUS
  • Potent immune stimulation
  • Produces high levels of carotenoids: lycopene, axtaxanthin, beta-carotene, and lutein
  • Produces quinols and vitamins
  • The most effective antioxidant probiotic
  • Produces antibiotic bacitracin
  • Produces protease and improves protein digestion
  • Produces whole spectrum of B vitamins, including folate (vitamin B9)
Bacillus CLAUSII
  • Most widely used probiotic in the world
  • Potent immune stimulator
  • Antibiotic- resistant for use during antibiotic treatment
  • Strongly studied with long history of use in IBS, Crohn’s, and Ulcerative Colitis
  • Produces L+ optical form of lactic acid
  • Potent immune stimulation – keep in mind that the naturally- produced gut antibiotics target only pathogens and fungus’s, further protecting your health


These 5 Bacillus strains work well to re-establish your healthy gut microbiome and they do so very rapidly too. They work with the other microbes in a very collaborative way to repopulate and restore the balance in your microbiome.

How can only five species of bacteria help, when there are an estimated 20,000+ species in your gut?
The microbes within the gut are highly competitive.

However, there appears to be an exception with these five Bacillus bacteria strains, because they progressively recondition the gut, improving the gut environment for ALL the species of beneficial bacteria, they are tolerated throughout the gut as essential.

This enables the gut microbia to increase in diversity — the gut is regulated, overgrowths are eliminated, and natural gut-antibiotics are produced to wipe out fungal infections. These five species of Bacillus bacteria are thus the regulators or “police” of the gut, having a profound effect on the health of the gutmicrobiome as a whole. Leaky Gut issues diminish and disappear — food intolerances and allergies do likewise — simply because the gut is becoming progressively healthier, by virtue of the introduction of these vital gut healing strains.

It has been established that microbial diversity is the key to a healthy gut, and a healthy gut is the key to increased immune tolerance, which is the single governing factor determining how robust your health is, or isn’t.

Our Stockists and Practitioners have seen many patients recover very quickly from IBS and Leaky Gut, and they have seen massive improvements in their patient's immunity and overall wellness within weeks of taking FLORISH™️ Spore Probiotics with Fulvic Acid.

Bacillus Subtilus

For more information, check out the research section of this website.

FLORISH™️ Spore Probiotic with Fulvic Acid