Heard of Keystone Bacteria?

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Heard of Keystone Bacteria?

Adding good gut bacteria to your diet, and also making the needed changes to where you get your food or prepare it to help support a healthy gut means that you need to keep up with all the microbiome research, and there's tonnes of it right now.

A great source of info on the subject comes from Oshun Health, and their solid approach to getting the good stuff known and creating some amazing products for us to use, gives us a great start in making sure we get what we need to restore and regenerate good gut health and wellness.

What are keystone bacteria and why should you take note of them?

Keystone bacteria perform major metabolic functions that must be present to maintain a healthy gut. A lack of these bacterial species can lead to a pyramid collapse in your gut resulting in a dramatic shift in its structure and your overall health. Keystone bacteria are also highly effective at bringing microbes together through chemical signals attracting other bacteria and thus, creating the foundation of a stable gut microbiome.

Find out more about the fascinating and unrecognised role of keystone bacteria in creating a healthy gut in this Oshun Health post.