Fulvic Acid and the 5 Key Strains of Spores in FLORISH Spore Probiotic

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Fulvic Acid and the 5 Key Strains of Spores in FLORISH Spore Probiotic

Maximising the benefits of both!

Fulvic Acid has been found to contain massive positive health benefits, and it acts on a cellular level in your body to balance electrical charges, detoxify and flush heavy metals and to improve blood flow to name only a few.

Taking two force multipliers, and getting them to work together in a single product - FLORISH Spore Probiotic with Fulvic Acid - means that the impact and results from this dietary supplement will be noticeable immediately. 

Sebastian Siebert share a little more about how these two work together in FLORSH Spore Probiotic in the video below.

Fulvic Acid acts as a catalyst in your body and significantly improves the connectivity and communications between cells, and also helps to remove and flush out stubborn heavy metals and toxins in your cells.

This, combined with the 5 Key Strains or Spore Probiotics working in the gut, dramatically improves your body's ability to replenish and restore essential gut and cellular functions that will be felt throughout the whole body.

We need to give our body the support it needs to start the process of healing itself, and the pharmacy of the body is most definitely the gut. This is where the magical symbiosis of fungi, bacteria and micro-organisms we need to thrive as humans.

Fighting inflammation in the body using supplements like FLORISH Spore Probiotics and FULFIXER Fulvic Acid means that we can start to undo one of the biggest chronic health issues, Runaway Oxidative Stress.

We're beginning to see more and more research and money being used to test and document how Fulvic Acid helps to increase and improve many millions of connections and chemical reactions in the bloodstream and this is very exciting for us as we continue to receive amazing reviews and feedback from so many different people experiencing great benefits and results associated with a few of these chronic illnesses.

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Fulvic Acid has been used in farming and agriculture too, and the benefits to the crop yields and overall quality of the produce.

Adding Fulvic Acid to FLORISH Spore Probiotics to boost and improve the overall chemical and cellular functions in the body means that the results are far more pronounced and dramatically improved.

Find out more in other articles and in the research papers on our website that are all peer-reviewed and vetted.