Food Security and Why it's Important

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Food Security and Why it's Important

Knowing where your food comes from has never been so important.

The food chain that we all expect to be in place with all the checks and balances we need, doesn't always deliver - many times it falls very short of what is required for us to enjoy the food security we deserve.

Brands and Businesses like Jackson's Real Food Market have taken this to heart and have made a serious contribution to getting the Farm to Table food security approach right, and to make it clearly understood too.

Organic foods. GMOs and Free Range. These are all terms we very seldomly need to pay attention to, but they really do cost us more if we don't in the long run.

Sebastian says... covers a few key areas of why we need to take this more seriously when we shop as conscious consumers.

Yes, it really is important, and we need to take it a lot more seriously for the farmers and suppliers to manage better and deliver against.